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House Thomas

Place: La Como Lifestyle Estate, Boksburg, Gauteng, RSA
Size: 230 sqm
Estimated Building Cost: R 3 million
Year Completed: 2016

Design Process: This new home was design for Mrs Thomas as her retirement home and we had to accommodate all the spaces she required on one level. This house is located at the entrance to this particular section of the estate and the HOA wanted a more prominent home on this corner however the client did not want a double storey house as the stairs would become an issue in her later years. Instead of adding another level as the HOA requested we increased the roof heights and added clear storey lighting in all the living areas which created a bright, warm home allowing light to flood in throughout.

Shirley Thomas:

“I thank my lucky stars that you guys were introduced to me by my daughter.    You have created a home for me which I had always dreamed of but never achieved on previous occasions when trying to design a property for myself, and then Voila!!! you were there.  You listened to every whim and detail I wanted and in the end my little bit of heaven was created.

Thank you for your patience and also being there every step of the way by pointing out things the builder had not done correctly which brought me peace of mind.

May you prosper because you deserve it.”

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