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House Soondarjee

Place: Wendywood, Sandton, Gauteng, RSA
Size: Total Renovation
Estimated Building Cost: R 2 million
Year Completed: 2017

Design Process: An existing residence in Wendywood, the Soondarjee’s wanted a total renovation which entailed adding a first-floor level and a complete facelift. This was a massive undertaking and the clients had to move out of the house for a year while the home was being renovated. The challenge with this kind of project is justifying why it’s worth making such massive changes to an existing old house rather than buying on empty stand and building new home. In this case the clients loved the area they lived in, were planning on living in the house for the rest of their lives and needed the extra space for their family. At the end of the day this kind of alteration and addition comes down to the client’s personal requirements and situation and in this case the home was completely transformed into a modern building that clients absolutely love.


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