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House Shen-Yu

Place: Bedfordview, Edenvale, Gauteng, RSA
Size: Total Renovation
Estimated Building Cost: R 5 million
Year Completed: 2016

Design Process: One of our first big renovations and one of the most rewarding. The end result was a beautiful new home however the construction process was fraught with challenges as the existing structure was altered and demolished to accommodate the changes the client required. Doing this kind of major renovation can expose many flaws in the existing building that are undetectable until the builder starts to break out areas of the existing structure. In this case the engineer was not happy with many of the existing walls and foundations and most of the existing house had to be broken down. Had these problems been detectable at the design stage it may have been worth knocking down the whole building and then building a completely new home. That being said the end result was a magnificent residence and the clients did not spare any resource to make it the home they wanted.


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