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House Rikhotso

Place: Copper Leaf Estate, Centurion, Gauteng, RSA
Size: 770 sqm
Estimated Building Cost: R 7 million
Year Completed: In progress

Design Process: Situated on a sloped, wedge shape site this large home was designed to maximise the north winter sun and the view to the west while accommodating 5 en-suite bedrooms, 4 garages and two large entertainment spaces. The open plan living on the ground floor prompted the design to have a top-heavy feel where these heavy elements would float on top of thin steel columns. The shape and slope of the site allowed us to “open” up the ground floor further as it looked to the western view by making both wings follow the site boundaries. We are looking forward to the house being built and we look forward to showing the final photographs once the home is completed.

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