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House Pillay

Place: Waterfall Estate, Midrand, Gauteng, RSA
Size: 526 sqm
Estimated Building Cost: R 5 million
Year Completed: 2017

Design Process: This large home was built in Waterfall Estate on a relatively small stand of about 630 sqm. The tight constraints of the site, its orientation and view to the common open area on the western side made it a challenge to fit in all requirements of the clients brief. It boasts 4 en-suite bedrooms upstairs and two large living areas on the ground floor, one open plan family room, kitchen and dining room area and the second entertainment room or “man cave” on the street side. The bulk of the home takes up most of the stand leaving little area for a garden however the western boundary looks on to an open common area, so the home looks out onto this open space. This design shows that even with a small stand you can create a large home by maximising the features and elements on and around the site.

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