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House Perry

Place: Ebotse Golf and Country Estate, Rynfield, Benoni, Gauteng, RSA
Size: 466 sqm
Estimated Building Cost: R 4 million
Year Completed: 2016

Design Process: This design started its life as a dream home for a single gentleman and his children. All the drawings were completed but unfortunately the client had to sell the stand and we thought the home would never be built. Thankfully a developer bought the stand and the approved plans along with it, made some minor changes, and completed the home in 2016. One of our first designs we did as T4 Architects in 2013 we are very grateful that this home was built. Designed around a covered patio / entertainment area, all the living areas, including a bar, opens onto the patio. The home has four en-suite bedrooms and garages for three cars.

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