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House Parrott

Place: Delmas, Mpumalanga, RSA
Size: Total renovation
Estimated Building Cost: R 2 million
Year Completed: 2015

Design Process: One of many homes on a farm in Delmas, this home had no existing plans and had been added onto many times over the years. The client wanted to revamp the whole home and connect the garage area to the main house with a large entertainment area. They also wanted an office space on top of the garage, so a first floor had to be added and pool was built off the new entertainment space. All the windows were replaced with new aluminium frames and the entire home was gutted. New ceilings were installed, and a new kitchen was built into a much larger space we designed. The front door was also re-instated by creating a screen stone wall to hide the kitchen scullery and at the same time creating a feature that leads you to the entrance.

Brent Parrott

“If you require an Architecture firm that is experienced in both space planning as well as architectural design, then T4 Architects is the firm for you!

We were pleasantly surprised with the professionalism we encountered throughout the whole design and spatial planning process of our home renovation. Not once did we feel pressured into something that we did not need nor like, in fact we sometimes felt that we were the ones making unreasonable demands.

The fact that T4 architects have subsequently redesigned our new Head Office and are busy with designs for another of our house renovations speaks volumes of our confidence in their ability.”


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