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House P Thompson

Place: Ebotse Golf and Country Estate, Rynfield, Benoni, Gauteng, RSA
Size: 430 sqm
Estimated Building Cost: R 4 million
Year Completed: 2016

Design Process: Being the new home of our very own Lynette Thompson and her family, it was important for her as a mother and an Architect to create the ideal space for her and family. Situated in a secure estate she was able to create a home that was open to the surroundings with access to the gold course, low boundary walls and an entertainment area that can open as well as close when the weather is less accommodating. The challenge with this site was that the view and golf course was on the south side while the warm winter sun was on the north facing street side however Lynette has created a home that is both warm and sunny while still maximising the view to the south.

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